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Breakthrough in Extracting Energy from Hydrogen?

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Peak oil is now, according to The Energy Watch Group, who predict that by 2030 Germany may not be able to import crude oil. Other fossil fuels, such as coal, do not burn cleanly and uranium fission is risky. Renewable energies and nuclear fusion give hope as energy sources. Hydrogen is often considered as an energy carrier. Wind farms or solar arrays produce electricity to extract hydrogen from water. The hydrogen gas is carried to a point of use, where it burns cleanly. But the US company BlackLight Power claims the possibility to extract from hydrogen 100 times the energy of ordinary combustion. A prototype is said to produce 50k Watt of heat power on demand. This claim has now been scrutinized and confirmed by a US university. Is hydrogen not only an energy carrier, but also an energy source? Read the article at Telepolis ยป