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Is Condensed Matter Nuclear Science at a Critical Point?

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

In 2007 Edmund Storms’ book The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction was published. This compilation of evidence and explanations about Cold Fusion lists 157 experiments from 1989 to 2004 where excess power in form of heat was generated. In other words: more energy came out than was put in. Figure 39 from the book is reproduced here (click to enlarge images). It shows that more than 100 experiments produced close to 0 Watt excess power. But in the upper limit two experiments produced ~100 Watt, one gave 144 Watt, and one 183 Watt. (more…)

Breakthrough in Extracting Energy from Hydrogen?

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Peak oil is now, according to The Energy Watch Group, who predict that by 2030 Germany may not be able to import crude oil. Other fossil fuels, such as coal, do not burn cleanly and uranium fission is risky. Renewable energies and nuclear fusion give hope as energy sources. Hydrogen is often considered as an energy carrier. Wind farms or solar arrays produce electricity to extract hydrogen from water. The hydrogen gas is carried to a point of use, where it burns cleanly. But the US company BlackLight Power claims the possibility to extract from hydrogen 100 times the energy of ordinary combustion. A prototype is said to produce 50k Watt of heat power on demand. This claim has now been scrutinized and confirmed by a US university. Is hydrogen not only an energy carrier, but also an energy source? Read the article at Telepolis »

Cold Fusion is Warming Up – Again

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

For about 50 years science has been trying to reproduce the process that powers the sun and use it as an energy supply on earth. In eight years the international fusion reactor ITER is supposed to get operative and initiate the age of Hot Fusion – a scientific dream and a billion Euro project. Currently a conference is taking place in Washington DC, right at the doorstep of US Congress. It’s motto: “Exciting New Science and Potential Clean Energy.” But it’s not about Hot Fusion. The following is a translation of a report on Cold Fusion that aired on Deutschlandfunk today. It was followed by a conference report by the science correspondent. (more…)